Salinas Grandes, Jujuy Province

Just a snapshot from a great roadtrip! This is the Salinas Grandes, a large salt field in the province of Juyuy in north-west Argentina.


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Songs for 17. mai!

17. mai is just around the corner, and will of course be celebrated in Buenos Aires as well. In preparation, I want to share a post by a blogger from Spain living in Bergen: DERIAAFIORDOYCUENTO20. I enjoy the blog a lot, always fun to read about Norway in Spanish (plus the blogger is a singer so that is cool too!) and I thought this post on the songs that are sung on 17. mai would be particularly appropriate: Cómo ser noruego en 3, 2, 1. Here you can learn all about three of the main songs used. Enjoy!

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Volunteering in Buenos Aires

Sometimes I get asked about volunteer opportunities in Buenos Aires, and today journalist (and sommelier!) Sorrel Mosely-Williams wrote a great post on where to volunteer in the city. Check it out! Experience the Joy of Volunteering in Buenos Aires.

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I am COLD!!

This is a very whiney and “first world problem” kind of post, but I am FREEZING and I don’t like it!! April was amazing, very warm and beautiful, but May has arrived with freezing cold winds and nighttime temperatures close to freezing. Today it was actually quite nice during the day, 17C, but my apartment never warmed up. I moved into this place on April 1 and I love it – lots of light, great kitchen, really good workspace, beautiful terrace all to myself – but I hadn’t expected it to be this cold… It does have a long outer wall (all the rooms face the terrace) but this is much worse than I expected and it isn’t even that cold. In bed I can feel the cold wind coming through the window! I actually put a blanket up over the curtains to try to stop it a little bit. Now, sitting at my desk, I can feel the cold air coming from the door to the terrace.

It’s funny  because almost every day someone says something to the effect of “You are from Norway, you can’t be cold”. So not true! First of all, I have always been cold, and secondly, in Norway it is warm inside!! The houses are warm, and each room has separate heating – people tend to keep the bedrooms cold, the living areas normal, and the bathrooms very warm (radiant heat under tile floors is one of my favorite things in the world.) Here, I get up to a freezing bathroom… The one heatsource is a gas heater in the living room, but I think I will need to buy a small oil radiator to use in the bathroom and bedroom. Last winter I remember being really cold inside as well, both at home and in meetings etc. Outside I am fine, I bundle up and walk fast, or go running, but I hate being cold when I am inside… I work from home so sitting still you get really cold.

Winters here are nice and sunny, but not warm, so I don’t understand why nothing is designed for cold winters… Brrrrrr!!

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May 17th Celebration in Buenos Aires

For Norwegians or others who are interested, the Norwegian community organizes a May 17th Celebration on Sunday May 17th, in the Scandinavian Church. (The celebration here in BsAs is always on a Sunday but for once the day and the date actually coincide.) Send me an email (noruegaenargentina At gmail) if you want more info! I do not know what the price is this year but will find out soon I am sure. It is basically a get-together with food, cake, some speeches, some singing, and games for the kids.

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New bus shelters ruined

All over the city, nice new bus shelters have been put in. They are great for everybody – for the older people who want to sit down on the bench, for all of us who want shelter from the rain, and because they give clear information on the bus routes. They are nicely designed as well and a week ago they were put up all over my neighborhood. I was really happy! Then, on Friday, I noticed that every single one of them had been covered in large posters for La Patriada, which is a list presenting candidates to the local elections in Comuna 15, under the Frente para la Victoria umbrella (i.e. pro-president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.) Comuna 15 includes Villa Crespo – Paternal – Agronomía – Villa Ortuzar – Chacarita – Parque Chas.

I got SO angry! I am still fuming. I know that lack of respect for property is rampant here, both public and private, but I found it both heartbreaking and infuriating that something SO new, and SO useful to all of us, had been defaced by none other than pro-government forces. (The city is run by the opposition – I am personally a huge fan – and the president really, really hates the mayor, Mauricio Macri.) They even put the posters all over the actual paid ads, that finances part of this investment… Boy, I think my blood pressure is going up as I write. Time to calm down. But it makes me so, so sad.



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Statistics: My most read posts

I think it is quite interesting to check the statistics to see what posts are read the most. Last week’s write-up about my visit to the Racing stadium has already gotten lots and lots of views, and has definitely drawn new readers. I guess football really sells!

Not counting the pages, the posts that have been read the most are:

1. Cañuelas: I found this very surprising, because it is a very short post I wrote even before moving to Argentina. I guess there isn’t a whole lot of info on Cañuelas on the Internet. Maybe I need to write more – but there really isn’t all that much to say…

2. Norge og jøder, og viktigheten av jødiske stemmer i offentligheten: This is my second most read post and also the most commented. It is a long post in Norwegian where I express my exasperation with the increasing anti-semittism in Norway and also the lack of knowledge about Judaism and Jewish culture and traditions.

3. Driving While White (in Argentina): Third most read, second most commented. This is all about white privilege (specifically how I live it here in Argentina) and about how white people really, really need to listen more to others.

4. Norwegians in Argentina – History: Also written before I left, also very short. I should write something new on this!

5. Nordmenn i Argentina – oppdatering: A post in Norwegian about Norwegians in Argentina. It was supposed to be an update on what I had written earlier but is really just a super short post about me meeting Norwegians! Another one that needs updating. This post is probably more useful still.

6. Housing for foreigners in Buenos Aires: This is part of a series of detailed write-ups with practical information about living here. I actually think it is one of my best because it describes clearly the different housing options for foreigners. It is also one of the few posts I will share (i.e. push) with others. I wrote similar ones on health insurance, working, and random tips.

7. Screaming & Yelling: #EstoNoEsNoruega: Very recent but already top ten! This is how I felt after getting yelled at twice in a week.

8. Film review: El crítico: Adorable film that I saw about a year ago. Surprised it has been read this much…

Lessons learned: 1. I need to update several posts and pages, especially the ones related to Norwegians in Argentina. 2. I should put time and effort into even what I see as unimportant posts, as they get read a lot (i.e. Cañuelas.) 3. Practical information is great and much appreciated. 4. I need to go to more football games and write about them.

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