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New bus shelters ruined

All over the city, nice new bus shelters have been put in. They are great for everybody – for the older people who want to sit down on the bench, for all of us who want shelter from the rain, … Continue reading

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Driving While White (in Argentina)

This is long and serious – not my usual practical tips or snapshots of horses – but that is the beauty of a blog; if I want to say something, I can post it here. I originally wrote this back … Continue reading

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The Absence of Trust

When I was in university, I took a few classes in Italian history and loved every single one. Some of the books I read then I still come back to, and of one of them is Edward Banfield’s seminal work … Continue reading

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Precios cuidados

Precios cuidados is a government program where certain products are supposed to be made available at a cheaper price and not go up as quickly as inflation. Oh the irony – the government, which has caused the 40% inflation the … Continue reading

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Jeg skriver om Argentina og fotball i Minerva

For my Norwegian readers: Jeg skriver om fotball, politikk og populisme i Argentina: Fotball for alle (Minerva)

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Book Recommendation: Contemporary Argentinean History

It is rather an understatement to say that contemporary Argentinean history is  complicated. Even living here, reading newspapers, talking to friends, and having had general knowledge of and exposure to the region for years, it can be really difficult to … Continue reading

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Currency controls being eased

The topic everyone is talking about right now is of course the easing of the currency controls – “regular” citizens will be able to change more easily their money from pesos to dollars. There are still restrictions (you can for … Continue reading

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Chocolate shortage

We use a LOT of chocolate in the kitchen here. To make brownies, chocolate mousse, cakes with chocolate and dulce de leche, frozen chocolate desserts, chocolate cakes, to decorate the desserts… As you can imagine, we go through chocolate very … Continue reading

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Ocho meses! Eight months in Argentina

I like symmetry so I would have preferred to write posts on my 3, 6 and 9  month “anniversaries”, but I’ll settle for five (read about it here) and eight. I am celebrating my eight months in Argentina with a … Continue reading

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Dollars, dollars, dollars

Economics is always an interesting topic of discussion and something that surrounds us no matter where we are. “The economy” is right up there with “the weather.” But while this is true in countries that are stable economically, it is … Continue reading

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