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Feliz navidad – God jul – Merry Christmas!

I am officially on holiday! For a solid 40 hours! Not a lot, but oh, so welcome. I haven’t had a real day off (by that I mean a day where I don’t answer any emails or phone calls or … Continue reading

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Too hot

This is the forecast for the next five days… It actually gets worse, it will get up to 39 degrees before there will be a drop to 34 next Monday. I am dreaming of cool climates or at least the … Continue reading

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The little things

This has been a rough week! I am exhausted! And while everyone else seems to be looking forward to Christmas and New Year’s, I am frantically trying to get enough staff, buy enough meat, getting all the supplies we need… … Continue reading

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f I am a very slow blogger, but I wanted to post a couple of photos from a crazy storm on December 2nd. It turned into a mini-tornado around here and tore up lots of old, beautiful trees, threw the … Continue reading

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Language musings

I really enjoy writing about language, it is fascinating to see how language is shaped by and shapes cultures, interactions, etc. Yesterday I was in Palermo Soho, a part of the city that is very cute but that I don’t … Continue reading

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Cocktail Party

While we had all these lovely Norwegians here, we threw a little cocktail party for the hotel guests. It turned out really nice! We had a bar with a bartender and a drink menu consisting of Spritz Aperol (one of … Continue reading

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So many Norwegians!

The first week of December brought about a concentration of Norwegians that was pretty remarkable! We had three people from the Norwegian Polo Club for two full weeks (one was English but he lives in Norway.) Then another Norwegian who … Continue reading

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