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Extroverts and Learning Languages

For those who know me, it is no secret that I love to talk and I love languages. I love learning them, practicing them, deciphering them, learning about them – I guess I am a little bit of a hobby … Continue reading

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Mercado Central

Today we went to the market for fish and vegetables. Boy I don’t like getting up so early… Left at 4:30 or so to make it in time. Makes me feel like pretty hard core hotel manager, though!

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The picada is a quintessential part of the Argentina cuisine. It is a combination of fiambres (charcuterie), cheeses, empanadas, maybe some tartas (pies), bread, olives… Delicious and easy!

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Long-haired horses

These guys have been relaxing in the fields for a few months, but now it is time to trim their manes and get them into shape for the season…

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Argentinos en Noruega

I get quite a lot of searches for “Norwegians in Argentina”, both in Norwegian and Spanish (not often in English, though.) I am excited to be higher up than the embassy when it comes to Google searches for “noruegos en … Continue reading

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Animal Family Part II

Had to share this picture of the sweetest dog ever. After living here I could never have a dog in an apartment; I see what a happy life they have here.

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Animal Family

While my friends and coworker here are sort of like family, the animals also end up feeling like family. I have shared photos of Negrito before, the only dog I have ever loved, and he keeps being an integral part … Continue reading

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How did the weekend go?

You might ask yourself… As I wrote about last week, we had a really big weekend. We had around 24 for lunch each of the three days, and big dinners every night. But it went really well! Monday was my … Continue reading

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Holiday weekend coming up

There are a lot of holidays in Argentina, and many, if not most, of them will be put on the closest Monday as to make a long weekend. This coming weekend is what in the US is  called Columbus Day, … Continue reading

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Driving in the big city

I have mentioned driving in BsAs before, but before I have only really driven to the city, gotten off the highway and switched drivers after a few blocks… Yesterday was my first time really driving in the city. We went … Continue reading

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