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Monday morning

When we are in really high season, Mondays are not that different from other days. But since we are still having busy weekends and quieter weeks, Mondays can be rather calm. Today is one of those Mondays and it is … Continue reading

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Off to a flying start

So I will have to say that the spring season in the hotel is off to a good start. September has turned in to a very good month (I of course think it is because I am back haha!) and … Continue reading

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Astor Bistro

I eat so well in the hotel that I have actually come to feel that eating out in Buenos Aires can be a letdown, that I would rather eat in the hotel! I often think “Hm, I could have eaten … Continue reading

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BsAs Morning

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Tuesday morning

It stopped raining, finally! Now it is green and very, very wet… We got more than fifty millimeters!

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A weather blog

I am afraid of turning into a very local but as a good Norwegian I am fascinated by weather! And this last week has been crazy. First, tons of rain. Then a few days, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of … Continue reading

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The nicest guests

There are some people that just stand out, and a family that came this weekend was a prime example of that. Four of them, mom, dad, and two daughters, had been here in June and loved it, and they came … Continue reading

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Food in plastic

When I was in Norway I just couldn’t get over how much plastic there was on the meat and produce! Of course I knew that there weren’t a lot of butchers or greengrocers left, but I found it very depressing … Continue reading

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Rain rain rain

Yesterday was gorgeous, it was probably 20 degrees and warm and sunny. Beautiful day, especially since we are still in winter! Then last night it started raining like crazy, with thunder and lightning and general storming. It was SO loud, … Continue reading

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Super cute Norwegian music video

Check out The Fox by Ylvis:

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