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I finally visited a small restaurant in Villa Crespo that I have been wanting to go to for ages. It is called YEITE. From what I had read, it focused on great raw materials and just tasty, quality food. And … Continue reading

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Algaia – Beautiful Vegetarian Food in Colegiales

I am slowly trying more and more vegetarian places here in Buenos Aires, and one I will definitely be going back to is Algaia in Colegiales. Algaia is a restaurant, a place for cooking classes, and a provider of ready … Continue reading

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Hierbabuena – Vegetarian dining

Today I tried a new-to-me restaurant in San Telmo, Hierbabuena. I had read good things about it as an almost-vegetarian, and very vegan-friendly, restaurant, and decided to try it out with some vegetarian friends. In the end, it was a … Continue reading

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NOLA Gastropub is open!

I am still not a “real” vegetarian, because I do eat a little bit of fish (however, very rarely) – AND because I yesterday broke a six-month veggie stretch with a delicious crispy chicken sandwich at NOLA Buenos Aires!! I … Continue reading

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Guiso de lentejas – Lentil stew

This is for my friend, la argentina en Noruega, Aymará! She asked for my recipe for guiso de lentejas, or lentil stew. It is really quite simple to make, and delicious to eat in the winter. Here in Argentina, lentil … Continue reading

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Ninina Bakery

In the on-going series “We Love Carbs”, I have checked out yet another bakery, this one located in Palermo Soho. Ninina Bakery opened earlier this year and is a delicious addition to the neighborhood, with all sorts of baked goods, … Continue reading

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Meatless Monday (and Tuesday…)

I have become a little turned off meat from the meat obsession here in Argentina, even though I was already eating very little meat, just a small piece here and there. On Friday I finished two meatless weeks, had some … Continue reading

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