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Mauro the cat

I am backdating this post, as Mauro, the cool cat on the block, died Friday February 28. He got sick probably from something he ate, and I took him to the vet, but he died in the morning anyway. He … Continue reading

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Norge og jøder, og viktigheten av jødiske stemmer i offentligheten

This post is in Norwegian, sorry! I might translate it at some point. Nå skal jeg skrive om noe som jeg ikke vet så mye om, og som samtidig er et ganske følsomt tema. Dette kan bli interessant! Nemlig jøder … Continue reading

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Malvon – Yes, I love bread

Here is another recommendation for delicious sandwiches and lunches: Malvon. They have two locations, in Palermo and Villa Crespo, I visited the latter, on Serrano 789. So much baked goodness! We went for lunch and I had the fish and … Continue reading

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Pain et Vin

This is a relatively new place in Palermo, run by a couple where she is a sommelier and he a master baker. The focus is all on the bread and it is GOOD! I recommend the BLT sandwich, or the … Continue reading

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Meatless Monday (and Tuesday…)

I have become a little turned off meat from the meat obsession here in Argentina, even though I was already eating very little meat, just a small piece here and there. On Friday I finished two meatless weeks, had some … Continue reading

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Verdulería La más bonita

I have written about my horror at the lack of greengrocers and the extreme plastification of fruit and vegetables in Norway. Living in Cañuelas have really made me appreciate the verdulerías, greengrocers, and the care that the owner takes to pick … Continue reading

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Vegetarian resources in Buenos Aires

Of course, meat is a huge part of the cuisine in Argentina. Argentinians consume more beef than maybe any other country in the world. But even here, people are getting more open to healthier, more plant-based eating. We are trying … Continue reading

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