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Guiso de lentejas – Lentil stew

This is for my friend, la argentina en Noruega, Aymará! She asked for my recipe for guiso de lentejas, or lentil stew. It is really quite simple to make, and delicious to eat in the winter. Here in Argentina, lentil … Continue reading

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I had the chance to go Montevideo, Uruguay a few weeks ago, and I loved it! It totally is Buenos Aires for Norwegians – small, manageable, clean, easy to get around. You can feel that it is an up and … Continue reading

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Happy New Year – Feliz año nuevo – Godt nyttaar!

I am off to a slightly disorderly start here – yesterday, on January 1st, I posted about planning a trip, and today I am saying happy new year. Oh well! I can always go back and change the dates. In … Continue reading

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Extroverts and Learning Languages

For those who know me, it is no secret that I love to talk and I love languages. I love learning them, practicing them, deciphering them, learning about them – I guess I am a little bit of a hobby … Continue reading

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Monday morning

When we are in really high season, Mondays are not that different from other days. But since we are still having busy weekends and quieter weeks, Mondays can be rather calm. Today is one of those Mondays and it is … Continue reading

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The nicest guests

There are some people that just stand out, and a family that came this weekend was a prime example of that. Four of them, mom, dad, and two daughters, had been here in June and loved it, and they came … Continue reading

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Super cute Norwegian music video

Check out The Fox by Ylvis:

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Sleeping with flowers

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A Dog’s Life

As I mentioned, the dogs are a big part of this place! And they are just so happy! Maxi, the dog from the story in the last post, runs around with a smile on his face all day, and Negrito … Continue reading

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Snapshot without camera

I so wish I had a photo of this! Some guests were arriving in the madrugada after a canceled flight, and I just welcomed them to the hotel. I basically slept until they got here and as soon as security … Continue reading

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