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Big title

I came to Argentina not really knowing how long I would stay, and having signed on only for three months. I always thought I wanted to stay a little bit longer than that, and now I think I will – … Continue reading

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The práctica went well!

So the practice went OK! Of course I was the worst player by far but I had a great time. I played all four chukkers (each one is supposed to be 7 minutes but we didn’t actually time anything so … Continue reading

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My first práctica!

I am terrified! I am playing four chukkers this afternoon at 17:30… Four horses, 4×7 minutes (probably more because in these friendly practices time is not kept too strictly.) I don’t feel ready but they needed somebody… We’ll see how … Continue reading

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We have practice games on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, and other days as well if we have a lot of guests who play polo. Practices can be slow or fast depending on who is playing. Sometimes we have more … Continue reading

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One of my favorite horses, Purita. She has a long stride for a polo pony but she is very comfortable to ride and just beautiful. Here with Matias, one of the petizeros (grooms.) There are about 45 horses that belong … Continue reading

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On the Horse

I need some more horse photos so here is one of me on Rosilla! I had been doing some taqueo (stick and ball) and was happy to be back on a horse! I really want to improve so now I … Continue reading

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Day in the City

A few times a week we receive guests who come for the day, either for Polo Day or Day in the Countryside. (Soon we are getting more Norwegians, yay!) The guests come to enjoy the horses and a nice relaxing … Continue reading

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I wrote about our guests the other day, and after I wrote that I started thinking more about the effects all these different people have had on me. The vast majority have been wonderful, but of course there have been … Continue reading

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Our Guests

The guests, of course, is the main focus of a hotel, and so far I have enjoyed meeting every single one of them! (Well, except one.) Each day brings new people from new places and there is always good conversation. … Continue reading

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