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Norwegians at Puesto Viejo

Yesterday we had four Norwegians and a Swede at the Estancia! Two for Polo Day and three for Dia de Campo, or a Day in the Countryside. Very cool! They were such a nice family and I was delighted that … Continue reading

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Holidays in the South

I have spent several Christmases in hot climates before – Panama, Mexico,  California – but this was my first time spending the holidays in the Southern Hemisphere and it was very nice so far! I spent Christmas with Swedish Argentinian … Continue reading

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Horse Photography

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In Argentina, the word “campo” is used to refer both to the countryside and to an estancia or ranch, as in “I work in a campo” or “I am going to the campo.” However, it is also used as an … Continue reading

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Breakfast Time

The breakfast table looks inviting!

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Abierto Argentino de Polo

I went to the famous Argentine Open, often just referred to as “Palermo” or “the Open/el abierto”, and it was quite the experience! Once again La Dolfina and Ellerstina were to meet in a final. It was every bit as … Continue reading

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Sleeping with flowers

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Polo Photos

I have realized that taking photos of polo is really difficult! First of all, the game is very, very fast. Secondly, the field is so big: “The playing field is 300 yards (274 metres) long by 160 yards (146 metres) … Continue reading

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A Dog’s Life

As I mentioned, the dogs are a big part of this place! And they are just so happy! Maxi, the dog from the story in the last post, runs around with a smile on his face all day, and Negrito … Continue reading

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Snapshot without camera

I so wish I had a photo of this! Some guests were arriving in the madrugada after a canceled flight, and I just welcomed them to the hotel. I basically slept until they got here and as soon as security … Continue reading

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