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Verdulería La más bonita

I have written about my horror at the lack of greengrocers and the extreme plastification of fruit and vegetables in Norway. Living in Cañuelas have really made me appreciate the verdulerías, greengrocers, and the care that the owner takes to pick … Continue reading

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Carlitos the Butcher

I have mentioned Carlitos the Butcher before, when the lovely Mary wrote about him on her blog. His shop was quite a sight, including the old car tyre that she pointed out! But in January he closed the place for … Continue reading

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Expat Blogs

I don’t really use the term expat about myself, as to me it refers more to people who have been sent to another country by their companies and that often lead a rather privilieged lifestyle. I guess that technically, the … Continue reading

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A day in the life of…

Today is a day of records: the hottest day since I came to Argentina (and probably some kind of record for today’s date), the most people we have had in the hotel sleeping – 27, maybe the biggest lunch we … Continue reading

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And now it officially reached forty

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My neighbors

Here are two of my neighbors; Genaro and Charlie. Genaro is four years old and probably the most famous Puesto Viejo resident – every single tourist who comes takes his picture, it seems! He is always smiling and posing and … Continue reading

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The little things

This has been a rough week! I am exhausted! And while everyone else seems to be looking forward to Christmas and New Year’s, I am frantically trying to get enough staff, buy enough meat, getting all the supplies we need… … Continue reading

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f I am a very slow blogger, but I wanted to post a couple of photos from a crazy storm on December 2nd. It turned into a mini-tornado around here and tore up lots of old, beautiful trees, threw the … Continue reading

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Cats on a hot tin roof

Or rather, on a cement roof. It was funny to take a photo of them from this angle! Unfortunately one of the dogs killed another cat two days ago. 😦

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