On Argentine TV

I always talk about how I have all sorts of weird experiences here in Argentina (my own private magic realism!) and random things happen that would definitely not have happened in Norway. Here is one of them: On a Wednesday afternoon in March, my phone rang, I picked up, and on the other end was the producer of a TV show I had never heard of, called Bendita. It was funny because he had to explain what the show was about, who the conductor was, I really had no idea. Anyway, he asked if I could come on the show that same night, just a few hours later. They had (of course) seen the video and wanted me to come on to talk about being a foreigner in Argentina. I said yes and it turned out to be a really funny experience, completely surreal! The show was sort of a variety show where somewhat famous people commented on what was going on in the news, mainly of the entertainment variety. They asked me questions about Norway, why I am here, the normal stuff, and they also showed most of the video from El Mundo de las Ideas. You can see the full program here: Bendita, March 9, 2016.


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    Coolt! 👍😄

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