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One week to go!

In one week, I will be landing in Buenos Aires and I will officially be noruega en Argentina! Right now, I am still noruega en Estados Unidos… To make my last week in the US more interesting, Hurricane Sandy has … Continue reading

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Learning new things

As I mentioned before, I have been riding horses since I was a little girl, but I have never tried polo. It looks fun, but also difficult! Of course the actual riding-while-trying-to-hit-a-ball-and-not-fall-off is the most daunting, but I also have … Continue reading

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Ellerstina Wins the Tortugas Open/Ellerstina campeón de Tortugas

The final of the Tortugas tournament was played today, and Ellerstina beat La Dolfina 12-11. The game was actually played at Palermo, not at Tortugas Polo Club, because the fields at Tortugas were still too wet. Ellerstina won their seventh … Continue reading

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Triple corona/Triple Crown

In Argentina, the three most important polo tournaments are referred to as la Triple corona, or the Triple Crown. The three tournaments are Tortugas, Hurlingham, and the world-famous Abierto de Palermo/Palermo Open. The Tortugas final is Thursday, October 22 (it … Continue reading

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Norwegians in Argentina – History

There is very little information on Norwegians in Argentina in general, and that includes historical information. According to this short article on Norwegian emigration history, there were 1700 Norwegians in South America in 1920, the majority of them in Argentina. … Continue reading

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Language confusion

I am Norwegian. Soy noruega. Jeg er norsk. So what language should I write in?? I want this blog to be about my experiences as a Norwegian in Argentina, but of course I want everybody I know to be able … Continue reading

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Noruegos en Argentina

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of Norwegians in Argentina; I think the embassy estimates 200 in the BA area and another 100 in the rest of the country. When I search for noruegos en Argentina, or nordmenn i … Continue reading

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På norsk om Argentina

Jeg vil gjerne legge ut informasjon og artikler om Argentina på norsk. Jeg kommer til å skrive en del selv, men også legge ut lenker. Det er ikke så mye der ute men litt finnes jo: Aftenposten: Fant drømmen i … Continue reading

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Useful pages for planning

Matty, a New Zealander that used to live in BA, keeps this list of blogs in English from Argentina: Bloggers in Argentina. Couchsurfing: A great community of travelers and locals. The BA group is particularly active and there are always … Continue reading

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I have a lively imagination, so that, together with photos, give me a mental picture of what my new life will be. But as always, things are always different when we actually get to see them! So I am very … Continue reading

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