Statistics: My most read posts

I think it is quite interesting to check the statistics to see what posts are read the most. Last week’s write-up about my visit to the Racing stadium has already gotten lots and lots of views, and has definitely drawn new readers. I guess football really sells!

Not counting the pages, the posts that have been read the most are:

1. Cañuelas: I found this very surprising, because it is a very short post I wrote even before moving to Argentina. I guess there isn’t a whole lot of info on Cañuelas on the Internet. Maybe I need to write more – but there really isn’t all that much to say…

2. Norge og jøder, og viktigheten av jødiske stemmer i offentligheten: This is my second most read post and also the most commented. It is a long post in Norwegian where I express my exasperation with the increasing anti-semittism in Norway and also the lack of knowledge about Judaism and Jewish culture and traditions.

3. Driving While White (in Argentina): Third most read, second most commented. This is all about white privilege (specifically how I live it here in Argentina) and about how white people really, really need to listen more to others.

4. Norwegians in Argentina – History: Also written before I left, also very short. I should write something new on this!

5. Nordmenn i Argentina – oppdatering: A post in Norwegian about Norwegians in Argentina. It was supposed to be an update on what I had written earlier but is really just a super short post about me meeting Norwegians! Another one that needs updating. This post is probably more useful still.

6. Housing for foreigners in Buenos Aires: This is part of a series of detailed write-ups with practical information about living here. I actually think it is one of my best because it describes clearly the different housing options for foreigners. It is also one of the few posts I will share (i.e. push) with others. I wrote similar ones on health insurance, working, and random tips.

7. Screaming & Yelling: #EstoNoEsNoruega: Very recent but already top ten! This is how I felt after getting yelled at twice in a week.

8. Film review: El crítico: Adorable film that I saw about a year ago. Surprised it has been read this much…

Lessons learned: 1. I need to update several posts and pages, especially the ones related to Norwegians in Argentina. 2. I should put time and effort into even what I see as unimportant posts, as they get read a lot (i.e. Cañuelas.) 3. Practical information is great and much appreciated. 4. I need to go to more football games and write about them.

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3 Responses to Statistics: My most read posts

  1. Christhina Åhman-Romano says:

    alltid kul att läsa dina posts, so pls write some more ….

  2. Vista says:

    Greetings! I often do not comment because the comment process was clumsy, maybe it’s easier now

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