Norwegians in Argentina – History

There is very little information on Norwegians in Argentina in general, and that includes historical information. According to this short article on Norwegian emigration history, there were 1700 Norwegians in South America in 1920, the majority of them in Argentina. The University of Oslo, together with several other institutions, has started a research project on Norwegians in Latin-America 1820-1940.

After the end of World War II, a shameful part of our emigration history started: a small number of Norwegian Nazi collaborators went to Argentina: In July 1947, 12 (some say 15) men broke out of jail in western Norway, where they were imprisoned for collaborating with the Germans and/or being members of the German-friendly party NS. The men stole a boat, Solbris, in which they traveled to England, Spain, Tenerife, Brazil, and finally Argentina, where they remained for the rest of their lives. The Norwegian authorities tried to get them extradited back to Norway, but with no luck.

There was a lot more Swedish immigration in Argentina, as detailed in this Wikipedia entry on Swedish Argentine.

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