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Hierbabuena – Vegetarian dining

Today I tried a new-to-me restaurant in San Telmo, Hierbabuena. I had read good things about it as an almost-vegetarian, and very vegan-friendly, restaurant, and decided to try it out with some vegetarian friends. In the end, it was a … Continue reading

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NOLA Gastropub is open!

I am still not a “real” vegetarian, because I do eat a little bit of fish (however, very rarely) – AND because I yesterday broke a six-month veggie stretch with a delicious crispy chicken sandwich at NOLA Buenos Aires!! I … Continue reading

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All ready for the big game

I got myself a little Argentina merchandise for this afternoon… Probably won’t use the hat since it is quite warm, but I will paint a flag on my cheek and braid my hair with the ribbon!

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Jeg skriver om Argentina og fotball i Minerva

For my Norwegian readers: Jeg skriver om fotball, politikk og populisme i Argentina: Fotball for alle (Minerva)

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Argentina in the final of the World Cup!

I don’t really have a way of adequately describing the feeling of euphoria that exploded when Argentina won yesterday. I was with a group of friends in a huge bar in Plaza Serrano and the atmosphere had been fun yet … Continue reading

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Argentina is in the semi-finals!! Hooray!

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Book Recommendation: Contemporary Argentinean History

It is rather an understatement to say that contemporary Argentinean history is  complicated. Even living here, reading newspapers, talking to friends, and having had general knowledge of and exposure to the region for years, it can be really difficult to … Continue reading

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