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“Yo soy de Racing, es un sentimiento” – Going to a football match in Buenos Aires

I think everyone knows that football is VERY important in Argentina, as it is in most of South America. People talk about football, they watch games on TV, they get depressed when their team loses… I knew all of that … Continue reading

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The joys of Buenos Aires

All it took to feel better about Buenos Aires was a lazy afternoon at the Feria de los Mataderos, one of my favorite tourist things to do in Buenos Aires. Lots of locals go as well. I wrote a photo-heavy … Continue reading

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The joys of Buenos Aires customer service

There seems to be a general consensus among both locals, foreigners living here, and tourists that customer service in this great city is anything but great. (Paris of the south in this way, too, maybe?) We joke that an amazing … Continue reading

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Screaming & Yelling: #EstoNoEsNoruega

Last week I had two separate being-yelled-at incidents. Definitely not the way we get our frustration out in Norway; we are more of a passive-aggressive bunch. Incident 1: I am working quietly at home one morning when there is a … Continue reading

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