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The Twitter President

Argentina’s president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is a very active head of state – on Twitter. Its short, direct format seems to appeal to her, what should I say, erratic personality. She uses it to promote herself, criticize her opponents, … Continue reading

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Coverage of Argentina in Norway

I debated writing this in Norwegian but I find the topic interesting – how much news about Argentina do people in Norway get? I would assume the situation is similar in other northern European countries. A quick search in Aftenposten, … Continue reading

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South African Television visits Puesto Viejo!

On a sunny June Friday, 23 crew and participants from a South African reality show came to shoot at the club. Here you see Darío and Luis all gauchoed up! As part of the competition, the participants had to prepare … Continue reading

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Nordmenn i Argentina – oppdatering

Etter snart 8 måneder i Argentina tenkte jeg jeg skulle skrive litt om meg som norsk i Argentina. Jeg har faktisk kommet i kontakt med noen nordmenn gjennom bloggen (hei Leif!) og jeg har også blitt kontaktet av argentinere i … Continue reading

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Snapshots of an asado

In Argentina, there seems to be two main ways of being social, at least outside of the cities. The first is to drink mate together (“Vamos a tomar unos mates?”) and the other one is to do an asado, a … Continue reading

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Bonito Bed and Breakfast

Last week I stayed in a wonderful little place in San Telmo. It is one of the most quirky, charming places I have ever seen, I think! There are seven rooms, all have both a number and a name – … Continue reading

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Fish, it’s what’s for dinner

I definitely cook a lot less now that I more or less live in a hotel. But once in a while I do whip something up. Here is a delicious dinner of trout I made the other day, with a … Continue reading

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Yet another noruega en Argentina

The big Jumbo supermarket in Palermo had a whole table of Norwegian bacalao (dried cod) with Norwegian flags and all!

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