The little things

This has been a rough week! I am exhausted! And while everyone else seems to be looking forward to Christmas and New Year’s, I am frantically trying to get enough staff, buy enough meat, getting all the supplies we need… Argentines buy a LOT of meat for the holidays and even our regular supplier has problems getting some of the cuts. It is making me nervous! This morning I did not want to work – I did not want to talk to anyone, or do anything, or deal with the heat, or the mosquitoes… But, I had to go, so I went to the hotel and then to town to buy, well, meat. But I also stopped at the supermarket and low and behold, what did they have at our little Cañuelas supermarket? Ritter Sport Marzipan, to me one of the best chocolates ever! They were ridiculously expensive but so worth it. I got two and ate a piece of one of them just now. Ah!

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