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The little things

This has been a rough week! I am exhausted! And while everyone else seems to be looking forward to Christmas and New Year’s, I am frantically trying to get enough staff, buy enough meat, getting all the supplies we need… … Continue reading

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f I am a very slow blogger, but I wanted to post a couple of photos from a crazy storm on December 2nd. It turned into a mini-tornado around here and tore up lots of old, beautiful trees, threw the … Continue reading

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Cats on a hot tin roof

Or rather, on a cement roof. It was funny to take a photo of them from this angle! Unfortunately one of the dogs killed another cat two days ago. 😦

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Consuming less

While I lived in DC, I read a couple of books and websites related to living as a minimalist, such as The Simple Dollar and Miss Minimalist. I in no way became a real minimalist, but I do like the … Continue reading

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How did the weekend go?

You might ask yourself… As I wrote about last week, we had a really big weekend. We had around 24 for lunch each of the three days, and big dinners every night. But it went really well! Monday was my … Continue reading

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Holiday weekend coming up

There are a lot of holidays in Argentina, and many, if not most, of them will be put on the closest Monday as to make a long weekend. This coming weekend is what in the US is  called Columbus Day, … Continue reading

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Tuesday morning

It stopped raining, finally! Now it is green and very, very wet… We got more than fifty millimeters!

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