Verdulería La más bonita


I have written about my horror at the lack of greengrocers and the extreme plastification of fruit and vegetables in Norway. Living in Cañuelas have really made me appreciate the verdulerías, greengrocers, and the care that the owner takes to pick the best produce. La más bonita (the most beautiful one) is where we buy fruits and vegetables when we don’t have the time or energy to go to the Central Market. Fernando, the owner, goes there three or four times a week and they have excellent stuff. It is slightly more expensive than others, but good quality.

After over a year of running the hotel, I have become so much better at sourcing, as it is called, and I really enjoy my trips to the verdulería. We used to have them deliver quite often, but found that they would take advantage of that and send us the less than great stuff, so now we usually go there ourselves.


 On a typical morning, I’ll head to Cañuelas at around 8, for groceries and meat, doing a quick round in town before it gets busy. Stopping by La mas bonita is always nice, all those pretty colors and all that fresh produce.  Sharing a couple of mates with Fernando and his staff is a good way to start the day.

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  1. NOLAchef says:

    Verdulerias are the best!! All the colors, plants, seasonal goodness, I just love it all!! My favorite is around the corner from NOLA, these old men run it and I just absolutely adore them. We drink mate, talk about the neighborhood and weather. They’re some of my best friends here in this maddening city and they always make me smile and appreciate my time here in BA. ❤

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