Expat Blogs

I don’t really use the term expat about myself, as to me it refers more to people who have been sent to another country by their companies and that often lead a rather privilieged lifestyle. I guess that technically, the word simply means someone living outside their native country, but it has certain connotations. And my life is not glamorous enough! Hihi. Anyway, I do like reading so-called expat blogs, because it is always fun to read about other people with similar experiences.

These are some websites where I find other blogs:

Expat Blogs: This pages has thousands of blogs from all over the world. I like how easy to navigate the page is, and I am particularly fascinated by the blogs written by people living in Norway. Pretty cool to see their take on my country. Here is my own blog listing on this portal.

Bloggers in Argentina is just a long list of blogs in Argentina, written by Argentinians and foreigners alike.

Another page where I have my blog listed: Norske reiseblogger. This page is for Norwegian travel blogs, and also includes Norwegians living abroad.

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2 Responses to Expat Blogs

  1. I know what you mean about the title – kind of screams ‘foreigner’ doesn’t it.

    • I know! To me, it means someone in a privileged position. I am definitely privileged compared to many people in Argentina, but I don’t have a company paying for my housing, children’s schools etc.

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