Book Recommendation: Contemporary Argentinean History

554633c0It is rather an understatement to say that contemporary Argentinean history is  complicated. Even living here, reading newspapers, talking to friends, and having had general knowledge of and exposure to the region for years, it can be really difficult to grasp. So here is a book recommendation that can help you understand at least up until 2010. Luis Alberto Romero is a professor and researcher with an impressive bibliography, and his “Breve historia contemporánea de la Argentina – 1916-2010” is a fantastic resource. I have the original version, in Spanish, but a friend has it in English, and I think I would have preferred that. Although I have no problem reading Spanish, I still prefer reading in English or Norwegian. I bought mine in a bookstore here in Buenos Aires last year, and I believe the English version is available here as well, if not, Amazon has it. (The English version actually goes up to 2013.)

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5 Responses to Book Recommendation: Contemporary Argentinean History

  1. Aymará says:

    Oh, my God! Desde nuestra Independencia hasta 2010. Y no me quiero imaginar cuánto más hay para contar desde 2010 hasta acá O_o.
    Me encantaría leerlo. Gracias por la recomendación.

  2. Lilia says:

    Hola! recomiendo: Breve historia de los argentinos de Félix Luna (no sé si hay una versión en inglés o en noruego…)

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