Argentina in the final of the World Cup!

I don’t really have a way of adequately describing the feeling of euphoria that exploded when Argentina won yesterday. I was with a group of friends in a huge bar in Plaza Serrano and the atmosphere had been fun yet nervous throughout the match. People were constantly singing, especially “Brasil, decime que se siente” but “Estamos sufriendo!” (“We are suffering!”) seemed to be the general sentiment as the game went on and on with no clear winner. Argentina had some good chances and some good shots but nothing came of it. The second half of the overtime I could hardly watch the screen, I was so nervous. Each half felt hours long! When it was time for penalties everyone was standing up and screaming and upon Argentina’s fourth successful penalty, the whole bar exploded in joyful celebration. Shortly after, as people were leaving the different bars and cafes, the streets filled and the cars were stuck in masses of people singing, clapping, dancing and hugging. The honking and the celebrations lasted for hours and around the Obelisco downtown, thousands of people were jumping and singing and dancing. What a day, what a night!

Holland players surround Argentina's Lionel Messi in the World Cup semi-final

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5 Responses to Argentina in the final of the World Cup!

  1. Sounds like an amazing experience! 🙂

  2. Ha! I’ve been thinking of you. Enjoy the excitement and the celebrations. On to THE CUP!

  3. Aymará says:

    Como me hubiera gustado poder participar de toda esa alegría… Aunque igualmente, desde lejitos, acompañé también y exploté de felicidad con el triunfo =D
    Gracias por compartir esta experiencia, cuando te leo me hacés sentir un poquito más cerca de mi amada Argentina.

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