NOLA Gastropub is open!

I am still not a “real” vegetarian, because I do eat a little bit of fish (however, very rarely) – AND because I yesterday broke a six-month veggie stretch with a delicious crispy chicken sandwich at NOLA Buenos Aires!! I have written about NOLA before, when chef Liza came to Puesto Viejo, and I had the pleasure of visiting her closed-door restaurant in January. (That would have been a good blog post – especially the fact that we were several hours late! The highway was cut off because of protesters and Liza and Ticol still received us warmly.) Liza and beer-making boyfriend Ticol then took their closed-door restaurant to the next level and opened the gastropub NOLA on July 18th. They have quickly become a neighborhood favorite and half of Buenos Aires’ food blogs are filled with photos of people devouring Cajun-style fried chicken.

I stopped by for a drink on opening night, sort of to show my support, even though it wasn’t really necessary, they were already full! – and then had the pleasure of trying the famous sandwich last night. I also had a delicious cocktail made of Cynar and grapefruit. Yum! And a steal at 35 pesos – it is hard to get a cocktail anywhere in BsAs for that price. The sandwich totally lived up to its expectation: the bread (baked by Liza) is tender and soft, and the chicken is a perfection of crunchy goodness with nice flavors. There are sauces with different spice levels (awesome!) and while I haven’t tried the other offerings, they look delicious as well. (Actually, I did try the gumbo back in January.)

I will leave you with a photo I have borrowed from the NOLA website, and encourage you to check it out! (Gorriti 4389, esquina con Julián Alvarez. Closed Tuesdays. Great happy hour deals!)

Photo courtesy of NOLA (

Photo courtesy of NOLA (

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6 Responses to NOLA Gastropub is open!

  1. limel95 says:

    Thank you for the information. Some people have recommended “Spring”, “La huerta del sol” and “Los sabios” (vegetarian restaurants). I think that they are (and I prefer as I am vegan) with “tenedor libre” because one can chose to try a little bit of everything and give more ideas and recipes to cook.

  2. Vista says:

    Delics! Let’s go there when we’re in BA IN nov;)

  3. Aymará says:

    También me gustó esta recomendación, cada una con su estilo ;). Me hiciste extrañar mis escapadas a Buenos Aires y mis almuerzos por Palermo 😛

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