Jeg skriver om Argentina og fotball i Minerva

For my Norwegian readers: Jeg skriver om fotball, politikk og populisme i Argentina: Fotball for alle (Minerva)

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2 Responses to Jeg skriver om Argentina og fotball i Minerva

  1. Lilia says:

    Yes, as always: “panem et circenses” (bread and circus). Euphoria that covers inflation, unenployment…
    Cristina is populist and Macri, also, because he is going to move the municipality to the neighbourhood “La Boca” to conquer another “target” and win elections. This is expensive. Education, culture, health, ecology and patrimony aren´t important to him because are not a business.
    Futbol is an excsses of testosterone, a valve of escape from wars. Futbol reinforces nationalism that causes wars. Reinforces the matrix.
    Who earn money with futbol are the people that organize this event. I have a book called “Nosotros y el fútbol” published by Culture Secretary of the city Buenos Aires that analizes it from identity, neighbourhood, violence, busines and memory.
    “Doll´s hause” would say Ibsen… by the way, there are an argentine play of theatre called: “Dear Ibsen: I am Nora”.

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