Vegetarian resources in Buenos Aires

Of course, meat is a huge part of the cuisine in Argentina. Argentinians consume more beef than maybe any other country in the world. But even here, people are getting more open to healthier, more plant-based eating. We are trying to do our part, by providing delicious alternatives to meat, both for vegetarians and simply to give the carnivores a break! We do get quite a few people who don’t eat meat, and they are pleasantly surprised that we offer something other than pasta with tomato sauce. From reading online and talking to people, it definitely seems like being a vegetarian in Buenos Aires is much easier now than just a few years ago.

Here are some other resources for vegetarian eating in Buenos Aires:

Easy Vegan is a blog and website run by Violeta, it is not very updated but still has a lot of good information

Buenos Aires Verde is a vegetarian restaurant and shop in Palermo, on Gorriti 5657.

Casa Vegana provides vegan hamburgers and premade meals, catering and cooking classes. They are based in Belgrano.

Planeta Joy has a list of what they consider to be the 15 best vegetarian restaurants in Buenos Aires

TripAdvisor also has a ranking of vegetarian restaurants in BsAs

The blog Bridges and Ballons has a list complemented with the most gorgeous photos

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