Mauro the cat

I am backdating this post, as Mauro, the cool cat on the block, died Friday February 28. He got sick probably from something he ate, and I took him to the vet, but he died in the morning anyway. He was such a cute and fun cat! He made me realize something interesting about cats: it seems they actually aspire to be inside cats.  (I guess that is what all these years of domestication do.) He always lived outside or in the barn, but would do anything to come inside, and then just be super happy and enjoy the inside comforts.

Life and death is more normal in the country side, now both my favorite dog and second-favorite cat have died in just a few months. I guess that is natural. Bye Mauro, you were a good cat!


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5 Responses to Mauro the cat

  1. Ohh… Bye Mauro, and have a nice way to heaven ♥

  2. Jeje, me lo imagino. Amo a los animales y especialmente a los gatos. Una gatita de mi familia tuvo el mismo destino que Mimo y fue triste pero nos queda pensar que les dimos lo mejor mientras estuvieron con nosotros.
    Besitoss 🙂

  3. NOLAchef says:

    Besos a los dos!!

  4. He has a sweet face!

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