Tomorrow: Pad Thai!

When I lived in DC, I loved going to Thai and Vietnamese restaurants. They are probably my favorite cuisines. I don’t know how many times I went to Thai Chef in Dupont Circle; it was just a couple of blocks from my apartment and I love that place! Here in Argentina I have had Thai food once, about a year ago at Lotus Neo Thai, and Vietnamese food just once, last week, at Green Bamboo. Delicious! So you can imagine how excited I am to check out a staple of South-East Asian food in Buenos Aires, Cocina Sunae, run by Asian-American Christina Sunae (I believe she grew up in the Philippines.)

Photo by Cocina Sunae

For quite a few years now, closed-door restaurants, puertas cerradas, have been a big thing in Buenos Aires. They are basically restaurants in someones home, and usually serve fixed menus. Cocina Sunae is one of them, and has been recognized multiple times as the place to go for delicious Asian food in Buenos Aires. It is open from Wednesday to Saturday every week, with reservation, serving a four-course meal. I am going there tomorrow, and to my utter delight, one of the main course options is Pad Thai! Be still, my heart! And, the first course is lumpia… I can’t wait for tomorrow! Here is the menu I will be enjoying.

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