Animal Family

While my friends and coworker here are sort of like family, the animals also end up feeling like family. I have shared photos of Negrito before, the only dog I have ever loved, and he keeps being an integral part of my animal family. Then there is Erik the horse, lovely as always, and then, the cats. El gato negro has been stopping by my house ever since I came here, while four kittens arrived as tiny little babies in late May. If the vet is right about their age, they were only a month when they came, taken here by a staff member who had found them. So cute! I think I posted a photo of them back in June. Now they are close to six months old and very cute. They used to be four, but one was killed by the dogs. 😦 Sad, but nature’s course in the country side, I guess. The smallest is a little black female, which I have sort of adopted as my kitten. I named her Mitzi, and her brothers I named Mauro, Malachi, and Mimo (the one who died.) I am horrible at animal photography, but here is a photo of Mauro, then one of Mauro and Malachi, and then little Mitzi.





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