Driving in the big city

I have mentioned driving in BsAs before, but before I have only really driven to the city, gotten off the highway and switched drivers after a few blocks… Yesterday was my first time really driving in the city. We went from the campo to Once where I dropped off my neighbors who were taking a bus to Córdoba. Then I drove from there to Villa Crespo, and later that night I drove home. And it went well! It was kind of cool to drive at night in the city, because there was less traffic and lots of good flow. I had printed directions but on the way back I didn’t really need them.

In the musical Evita there is a song called Buenos Aires, which she sings as she arrives in the capital. There is a line that goes “Rio de la Plata, Florida, Corrientes, Nueve de Julio”, referring to different avenues, and I felt pretty cool cruising down Avenida Corrientes!

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3 Responses to Driving in the big city

  1. I bet you were humming that tune, too.

  2. Gastt says:

    I was singin that my first time in Plaza de Mayo

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