How did the weekend go?

You might ask yourself… As I wrote about last week, we had a really big weekend. We had around 24 for lunch each of the three days, and big dinners every night. But it went really well! Monday was my favorite day, while we had lots of people everyone was relaxed, friendly, nice… And some returning guests even brought me a gift! They had been here three weeks ago and then wanted to come back, and brought me a beautiful gift set from Esencias Elementales (kind of like Bath and Body Works in the US) and I was stunned! I have gotten a gift before from some guests who left, and it was really nice, but this was the first time some returning guests brought me something and said they wanted to thank me for having treated them so nicely the last time. On Monday everyone was Argentinian, and I feel we have “made it” when the porteños are happy, because they have high standards for food – but that also means that they appreciate it when it is good. I had an interesting talk with an older couple who said that they loved the food and the service, and that often, in Buenos Aires, service is not good, so then the guests don’t behave nicely, and then you have a vicious cycle…

This coming weekend is looking a little more quiet, which is quite normal after a holiday weekend. It is also Mother’s Day on Sunday, which many people spend at home, so I am not too worried.

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  1. Well deserved kudos for you, I am positive! Enjoy the relaxing weekend ahead.

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