Argentinos en Noruega

I get quite a lot of searches for “Norwegians in Argentina”, both in Norwegian and Spanish (not often in English, though.) I am excited to be higher up than the embassy when it comes to Google searches for “noruegos en Argentina” or “nordmenn i Argentina”! I do, however, also get some searches for “argentinos en Noruega”, i.e. Argentinians in Norway. But I don’t have much info on that, other than the few things I posted when I was in Norway on vacation and happened to come across mate or something like that. I’d like to have more resources on this but I really can’t find that much… Here are a few things I have come across:

First of all, if you are a national of Argentina, you do NOT need a visa to travel to Norway.

The Norwegian Embassy. There is some information, but it didn’t actually say if Argentinian nationals need a visa. Instead there is a link that takes you to another page, but while it says it takes you to a page that will tell you if you need a visa or not, it takes you to a different page… Great.

I found this blog, En mi humilde opinión, written by an Argentine woman in Norway. She had some funny and to the point observations! In Spanish. Last post is from 2012, though. Please write more!!

How to find a job in Norway (como conseguir trabajo)

Embassy of Argentina in Norway (Embajada de Argentina en Noruega)

A list of Argentinians living and blogging in Norway: Expat Blogs

An article in La Nación from two years ago: Noruega – La buena vida

This wasn’t a lot but I will update if I find more resources.

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