Off to a flying start

So I will have to say that the spring season in the hotel is off to a good start. September has turned in to a very good month (I of course think it is because I am back haha!) and I really cannot believe that I have only been back three weeks and two days. Feels like forever ago that I was on holiday!

We have had a nice mix of day trippers, polo days, weekenders from Buenos Aires and foreigners. We have had weekends of only Argentinians, but now that we have entered spring, the foreigners are here in full swing. Today, for instance, we had Colombians and Americans, adding to the Argentinians and Frenchmen that arrived yesterday for a corporate retreat. That was a really fun group, they did both a polo lesson in the afternoon and then a cooking activity in the evening – they had to cook their own dinner with the help of our chef, and they loved it. It was really neat to see them in action and they left very happy this afternoon.

This weekend will be really busy and I am tired already… That’s the downside to the high season! Tomorrow we have the launch of a new initiative called Xpat Life BA, so that should be fun.  Xpat Life did a cool video about Puesto Viejo earlier this month:

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2 Responses to Off to a flying start

  1. As we are winding our warm season down, you are ramping up. Have a very successful and fun time. I am quite sure that you are a large part of what makes your hotel a success. Best!

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