Rain rain rain

Heavy DownpourYesterday was gorgeous, it was probably 20 degrees and warm and sunny. Beautiful day, especially since we are still in winter! Then last night it started raining like crazy, with thunder and lightning and general storming. It was SO loud, and while it stopped for a little while, it is now pouring down again. It was estimated that we would get 30mm of rain. Of course this is quite usual for this time of the year, I am told. But – there is a wedding here today! And they were going to have the ceremony outside… I know they were already making alternate plans because of the forecast, so they will do it inside, although I am not quite sure how they will work it out since the main room is already set up with tables etc. for dinner.

And when it rains here, it pours – we will be wearing rain boots for the next few days! There will be mud and grass and all that fun stuff.. But, I am sure they will have a good time anyway!

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