The nicest guests

There are some people that just stand out, and a family that came this weekend was a prime example of that. Four of them, mom, dad, and two daughters, had been here in June and loved it, and they came back with the dad’s brother and his family, and their 86 year old mother – they came to celebrate her birthday. So sweet! And because they are so nice, we put on our best show. They had told us that she was of Croatian origin, so we did some research and our chef made a Croatian nut roll, a sort of yeast bread roll with nuts and honey. Awesome! We received them Saturday morning with coffee, tea and this cake and they were so happy!! She said it was perfect! So nice.

We also went to the flower market in Buenos Aires on Thursday, and bought lots and lots of red and white flowers, representing the color of the Croatian flag (it also has blue but that didn’t really work flower-wise). We put red and white flowers everywhere, and it looked amazing (cannot believe I don’t have a photo!) At night, we set up two dinners, one for them, and one in another room for the other guests. They could chose between steak, salmon, and a vegetarian option, and for dessert, of course, a gigantic beautiful birthday cake – chocolate with a filling of strawberries and cream. Ah! Feliz cumple abuelita!!



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7 Responses to The nicest guests

  1. Vibeke says:

    I would love to celebrate my birthday with you! how thoughtful of you!

  2. says:

    Hello and greetings from London!

    You mean Daniel and I weren’t your nicest guests? 😉

    I wonder if you know if Arthur is in London? I’ve arrived this morning and am here until Sunday afternoon. I’d love to let him know I’m here in the event he’s available for a visit. Perhaps you have his email to share? Or if you prefer not, perhaps you’d be willing to forward my message to him? Of course, Rich, Rachel and I are in touch and trying to sort a plan.

    Are you on Facebook? What’s the best way to reach you?

    Please send my best to all!

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  3. Izabela says:

    Wow, you are a very open minded lady! So kind of you to prepare all this stuff.
    When visiting Argentina, we will surely stay at your place for few days:) best regards from Monaco!

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