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I am afraid of turning into a very local weather.com but as a good Norwegian I am fascinated by weather! And this last week has been crazy. First, tons of rain. Then a few days, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of last week, of sun and very, very high temperatures, reaching 35 degrees on Wednesday. Hottest September 11 in Buenos Aires in 60 years! Then the weather turned Thursday, it was cold and rained on and off until Saturday. Sunday it started raining for real and it hasn’t stopped! It is raining heavily, and unfortunately not just outside… It is literally raining inside the bathroom, water is entering from a variety of places where the ceiling meets the wall. And in my room, there is a steady stream in a corner… The bucket fills up every few hours. I got the head of maintenance in her this morning so that he can see how bad it is when it is actually raining, and I think he got it! I have told him many times that it rains inside here, but he hasn’t seen how bad it is. The upside to all this rain: I took a wonderful nap this afternoon!!

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  1. hei! I’m part the group of argentinians who are learning norwegian that you met last May 19th at the Swedish church. I’m one of the 2 sisters that had been in Norway, don’t know if you remember any of us but just wanted to let you know that I’ve been following your blog since some time ago and found it very interesting :). I always want to leave a comment but don’t know why it took so long for me to finally do it. Maybe because the weather thing is getting on my nerves? hahaha, it’s really crazy as you said but we are used to crazy stuff in here, weather included *giggles*. I just wrote in english because you post in english but maybe next time I’ll just write in spanish, I still don’t dare to try norsk. Hope they’ll fix the little waterfall you have in there and also hope it’ll stop raining soon, I hate rainy springs… anyway, having a good nap from time to time can be great 🙂

    Espero que nos mantengamos en contacto, al menos yo te voy a dejar comentarios de ahora en mas.
    besos 🙂

    • Hei og tusen takk! Veldig hyggelig! Buenisimo que me escribis aqui, y claro que me acuerdo, habian ido a Trondheim para el concierto de Kaizers Orquestra, no? Debemos practicar noruego!!

      • si, te acordabas! jaja. Me gusta leer lo que pensas de lo que ves aca, a veces coincido y a veces pienso bastante distinto pero es muy interesante ver el propio pais desde la mirada de un extranjero 🙂 Jeg bør prøve å skrive på norsk, you are right 🙂

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