Monday morning

When we are in really high season, Mondays are not that different from other days. But since we are still having busy weekends and quieter weeks, Mondays can be rather calm. Today is one of those Mondays and it is nice! We were going non-stop since Thursday morning, so after we sent off the last eight of the weekend guests this morning, we now only have three people here. That means some time to catch up on admin and finance, it means cleaning everything profoundly, and maybe even sitting down to eat lunch! What a luxury! It also means no asado (barbeque) after we have had seven of them in nine days! The asados are rather big productions so lunch takes a lot longer.

Quiet hotel:


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3 Responses to Monday morning

  1. Vista says:

    Anticipamos con placer nuestra proxima visita para hacer los lunes muy hectic!

  2. Wenche says:

    Der er det god plass til meg, kanskje jeg må komme en tur……

  3. Looks so inviting. Enjoy the quiet while it lasts!

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