Language confusion

I am Norwegian. Soy noruega. Jeg er norsk. So what language should I write in?? I want this blog to be about my experiences as a Norwegian in Argentina, but of course I want everybody I know to be able to read it. I thought about writing in both English and Spanish, but I think it will be too much work. So for now I will write in English, and then maybe once in a while write in Norwegian on specific topics.

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7 Responses to Language confusion

  1. Looking forward to your posts. Happy trails!

  2. Sandrac says:

    I’m so glad that you’re writing in English – I want to be able to follow along!!!!

  3. Madrilena en DC says:

    Quieres confundirnos! Como es esto de una noruega en Argentina que bloguea en Ingles. Oh, well, i will follow you in any launguage

  4. Inger Dreng says:

    English is always good! Looking forward to hearing all about your Argentinian adventures!!

  5. Gastt says:

    English is fine!

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