Triple corona/Triple Crown

In Argentina, the three most important polo tournaments are referred to as la Triple corona, or the Triple Crown. The three tournaments are Tortugas, Hurlingham, and the world-famous Abierto de Palermo/Palermo Open. The Tortugas final is Thursday, October 22 (it was supposed to be last weekend but was postponed because of heavy rains), and Hurlingham starts on Saturday, October 27 (also delayed because of rain) and the final is set to take place on November 10. The Palermo Open will start on November 17, with the final on December 8.

This means it is a very busy time for polo in Argentina! There are two websites in English that seem to have all the updates on the Triple Crown, one is Polo Line and the other is Living Polo. Living Polo describes the Triple Crown as “the world’s leading and always much-awaited trilogy of tournaments which attracts polo fans from all around the globe.”

Ellerstina vs. Pilará, semi-final October 13

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  1. How exciting – I know nothing about polo, but maybe your blog will fill me in. So you will be there for the third tournament, and hopefully some of the second?

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