Learning new things

Polo Pony Clip Art

As I mentioned before, I have been riding horses since I was a little girl, but I have never tried polo. It looks fun, but also difficult! Of course the actual riding-while-trying-to-hit-a-ball-and-not-fall-off is the most daunting, but I also have a lot to learn about the sport and the rules of the game. Of course, we can’t learn a sport from watching videos, but I actually found some really good videos on YouTube that explain the rules, the different ways of hitting the ball, and other important things. (One thing I do not understand, though, is how do you avoid getting hit by the other players?)

Here is a great video on the rules and the tack: Polo – Rules of the game.

Horsemart has several good videos on how to play Polo, including this great intro.

I also enjoyed this polo lesson from the Dubai Polo Academy.

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3 Responses to Learning new things

  1. I too know nothing about polo. Interesting videos – you’re right – lots to learn. Dubai Polo Academy – who knew?

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