Precios cuidados


Precios cuidados is a government program where certain products are supposed to be made available at a cheaper price and not go up as quickly as inflation. Oh the irony – the government, which has caused the 40% inflation the country is experiencing, then tries to freeze prices… Anyway, this caused me a chuckle: even Coca Cola (only regular, not Light or Zero!) and Fernet, the Argentineans’ drink of choice, is under the program! Is Coca Cola really where we should be concerned to keep prices affordable…?


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4 Responses to Precios cuidados

  1. limel95 says:

    I don´t recommend Coca cola, it´s dangerous and far from giving Happiness…People can do a boicot or better, to vote well. Anyway, the more poverty, the more votes.

  2. Aymará says:

    Me resulta muy gracioso que la Coca Cola y el Fernet estén “protegidos”, jeje. Aunque no me sorprende… 😉
    Como siempre, es buenísimo leerte y ver tus apreciaciones sobre Argentina.

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