Chocolate shortage

We use a LOT of chocolate in the kitchen here. To make brownies, chocolate mousse, cakes with chocolate and dulce de leche, frozen chocolate desserts, chocolate cakes, to decorate the desserts… As you can imagine, we go through chocolate very quickly. And now, there is a chocolate shortage… Chocolate Aguila is the most popular brand for cooking in Argentina, but it is so hard to get now! We started noticing it before the end of the year, when our major supplier sent us 3 kilos worth – in tiny little bars of 9 grams each… We usually buy the 250g ones, so this was not good. Since then, it has been increasingly hard to get here in town, they had none last time we went to the major supplier, and the local supermarkets don’t have it either. I will try Buenos Aires tomorrow or early next week! Until then, dessert without chocolate… We still have brownies but need more as they are probably our most popular dessert. I believe it is related to import restrictions, as cocoa beans have to be imported and there are all sorts of issues with imports, but I can’t find a specific source with information on this. Although I did learn that cocoa is grown ” in countries in a belt between 10ºN and 10ºS of the Equator, where the climate is appropriate for growing cocoa trees. The largest producing countries are Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana and Indonesia.” (International Cocoa Association.) 


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  1. How dreadful! Between a chocolate shortage and the heat (has it broke yet?)!

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