Spring in Argentina

So the noruega is once again noruega en Argentina. I arrived last night after what was not a bad 14 hour flight from Amsterdam. And the best of it all is that my big bag of IKEA goodness went through customs without any issues! I really had a lot of stuff – two bags of close to 23 kilos each, a small carry on (which had the last of the IKEA bits and pieces, like a whisk and a light bulb!), a purse, and then a shopping bag with some duty free makeup and chocolate I bought upon arrival (the airport is one of the very few places in Argentina where one can buy with pesos on the official rate, i.e. prices are in US dollars but one can pay in pesos with the official exchange rate.)

Today was a little chilly but I can see that spring is in the air – the days are longer and the light seemed different. It was wonderful to see friends, neighbors and colleagues again, and “my” kitten was still around! She mainly lives in the barn with three brothers, but I had her inside for a lot of the winter, so I was a little worried when I left, but she is fine.

Lots of political stuff going on that I’d like to comment on, such as BsAs mayor Mauricio Macri announcing his candidacy for president, but that will have to be another day. Now I will go to sleep! I look forward to my first full spring in Argentina and can’t wait for November and the jacaranda trees in full bloom!

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  1. Welcome back. You had a productive trip, and now get to enjoy spring!

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