Too hot

This is the forecast for the next five days… It actually gets worse, it will get up to 39 degrees before there will be a drop to 34 next Monday. I am dreaming of cool climates or at least the beach…


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9 Responses to Too hot

  1. Merry Christmas – keep cool!

  2. Wenche says:

    Her er det meldt 7 grader, storm og regn. Ingen vits å prøve med paraply, det er bare sydvest, støvler og regnfrakk som holder, sier meteorologen. For noen kontraster!
    Hold ut!

  3. NOLAchef says:

    Met Flora last night who was coming from Puesto Viejo! Too cute.

    ALSO- How is the second weekend of January like? Hay espacio? I think my girlfriend and I might come for a quick weekend escape if possible.

    PS- PV blog post happening Thursday!

    Happy holidays, Eirin!!

  4. Jan says:

    I hear you! it’s been 40c in Australia this past couple of weeks no sign of cooling down soon but the good thing about that is christmas on the beach! 😀 Happy Holidays!

  5. Y lo peor es cuando encima del calor te cortan la luz…. por suerte parece que este año voy a poder encender el arbolito jaja, el año pasado no pude, tuvimos una Navidad a la luz de las velas

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