So many Norwegians!

The first week of December brought about a concentration of Norwegians that was pretty remarkable! We had three people from the Norwegian Polo Club for two full weeks (one was English but he lives in Norway.) Then another Norwegian who plays polo and came for a week; he is friends with another guest here. Then, another Norwegian girl arrived, together with two friends from Russia and Taiwan (they all live or have lived in London.) Then, for just one day, a friend of the guys from the Norwegian Polo Club, and to finish it, a Norwegian woman who lives part of the year in Rosario came to stay. So seven Norwegians plus me, crazy! I wish I had gotten a photo of all us together, bummer… The interesting thing is that only one of them came because of me, all the others came through other connections, such as the pros, the owner, and other guests.

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3 Responses to So many Norwegians!

  1. Wenche says:

    Så gøy, kan tenke meg at de fikk godt stell! I dag er det pepperkakehusbaking hos Karin, det blir nok like vakkert som ellers

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