Bonito Bed and Breakfast

Last week I stayed in a wonderful little place in San Telmo. It is one of the most quirky, charming places I have ever seen, I think! There are seven rooms, all have both a number and a name – and the names are of the kids in Sound of Music! Marta, Kurt, Liesl and so on. Too cute! The B&B is located in an old building in San Telmo, and is over several floors. I  had to climb something like three spiral staircases to get to  my room, and then there was another spiral staircase to get to a rooftop terrace. The whole places is filled with little terraces and outdoor spaces. So cute! The breakfast was wonderful and the staff very, very nice. Recommended! (Although I wonder how you would get really big bags up the stairs…)


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  1. carlos eduardo says:

    I have been following your blog for a while, and loving it. I am a soon to be retired engineer that has also been a horseman most of my life. I bred and trained quarter horses, thoroughbreds, and Tennessee walkers. There’s nothing related with horses I have not done, and no job around the barn that I have not done a million times. Do you think I might be able to get a job at your club? I am able to do anything around the barn, muck out stalls, hot walk, bathing and grooming, fence mending, vanning, you name it. I don’t need much pay, in fact room and board would be enough, as long as the number of hours expected for said room and board was fair and reasonable. Mostly I’d like to get back to working with horses. I know you probably get a million inquiries just like mine, and you probably have to say no to all of them, but I figure what would it hurt to give it a try. Keep blogging!

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