Coverage of Argentina in Norway

I debated writing this in Norwegian but I find the topic interesting – how much news about Argentina do people in Norway get? I would assume the situation is similar in other northern European countries.

A quick search in Aftenposten, Norway’s most serious newspaper (supposedly), did not give a lot. In June, their only actual news story on Argentina (and not something that just referenced Argentina in passing), was the train accident on June 13.

In May, there was a short note about a very interesting and disturbing topic – Iran-backed terrorism in Argentina. Israel’s embassy in Argentina was bombed and 29 people killed in 1992. Two years later, 85 people were killed in the bombing of the AMIA, the Jewish mutual aid society. An Iranian-backed organization took responsibility for the 1992 bombing and there is strong evidence that Iran backed the second bombing as well. The story of the investigations into the AMIA attack is strange and involves corruption and ineptitude, and investigations are going on to this day, especially after Argentina signed an MoU with Iran to establish a truth commission to investigate the attack. Needless to say, there is a lot of doubt to what kind of “truth” will come out of this… More here.

April saw a couple of articles on then Princess, now Queen, Máxima of Holland, plus a short note about the horrible flood in La Plata, while March was the month of the new Pope Francis and the referendum on the Falkland Islands. Sorry Kirchner, 99.9% of the islanders wanted to remain British. And one article that I really liked: Children’s author ISOL won the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, the biggest award for children’s books in the world. Her “Tener un patito es útil” is one of the coolest baby books I have ever seen.

And that was really about it for articles about Argentina in Aftenposten in 2013…

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