IMG_2585I finally visited a small restaurant in Villa Crespo that I have been wanting to go to for ages. It is called YEITE. From what I had read, it focused on great raw materials and just tasty, quality food. And that was true! It is a small place on what I call “the other side of Juan B. Justo.” We went for lunch and just had brie sandwhiches and butternut squash salad. It was all delicious! The bread was great, even for  a Scandinavian, and the fillings super tasty. The little salad was very basic but very good. I am looking forward to going back soon! I also got some cookies to go, they were good but next time I will have dessert there I think. Oh, and it is definitely very veggie friendly.

IMG_2583Yeite, Humboldt 293, between Murillo and Padilla. 011 4855-6777. Open Tuesday through Sunday, 8:30 to 19:00.

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