Happy New Year – Feliz año nuevo – Godt nyttaar!

I am off to a slightly disorderly start here – yesterday, on January 1st, I posted about planning a trip, and today I am saying happy new year. Oh well! I can always go back and change the dates. In any case, happy new year to my readers!

2013 was an amazing year, so full of new experiences and both personal but maybe especially professional growth. I would never have thought that I’d be running a hotel… I went from managing, well, nobody, except some interns outside consultants, to managing a full team of permanent staff (five people) and many short term personnel, in addition to coordinating maintenance staff and others. I had zero experience in hotel or food business, yet I am now in charge of everything and am routinely sourcing vegetables and picking out the best fish. Weird!!

For 2014, my goals are pretty standard: I want to continue to grow professionally, for instance. I also want to travel more (maybe a trip to Italy again) and eat less meat. I definitely eat less meat than most Argentinians I know, but I could cut back a little more. I want to write more, maybe try to write something about Argentina for the Norwegian market, or about Latin America in general. Something sorely lacking in Norway! Oh, and I want to sleep more. I think that will be my only real resolution for this year: Get. More. Sleep! I work too much and sleep to little and it is not good. Here’s to a happy, sleepy 2014!

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9 Responses to Happy New Year – Feliz año nuevo – Godt nyttaar!

  1. Best wishes to you, and may all your 2014 dreams come true!

  2. Godt nyttår! De todas tus metas hay una con la que coincido plenamente: DORMIR!!! 🙂

  3. Joelle Quinn says:

    Happy, happy New Year!
    I hope to see you again in 2014! xo

  4. Sissel says:

    Godt nyttår 🙂 Bra jobba i 2013, og lykke til med planene for 2014. Reise mer, åh skulle gjerne hatt det på min liste også. Some day.. 🙂

  5. I just read this in the Huffington Post and thought of you. What a beautiful country that you hail from! Had to share….. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/01/07/norway-greatest-place-on-earth_n_4550413.html?utm_hp_ref=mostpopular

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